Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey everyone!!! It's another fun Fat Quarter Swap!!!!

Kelly from Purple Paisley Patch came up with this great idea to commemorate all those wonderful women of history that have fought so hard to make sure that we all get to have rights like voting!!! If you want to join, read Kelly's post below:(you can click to her sight by looking to the right of my blog or clicking on Purple Paisley Patch above!!)

International Women's Day Fat Quarter Swap
The swap is on! Most of you preferred the idea of swapping fat quarters, so we'll stick with that.
Okay, so here's how this will (hopefully) work:
1. People can join the swap until 20 Feb.
2. We'll each purchase, or dig out of our stash - 4 FQs - these will be purple, green &/or white, or a combination of these colours - these colours have been chosen in honour of the suffragettes.
3. I'll draw swap partners on 21 Feb and let you know who is with who.
4. We'll all mail our parcels by 23/24 Feb - this should ensure that our swap partner receives their parcel on or before 8 March.
5. If we receive our parcel before 8 March, we'll put it aside and wait patiently until 8 March to open it. [I'll struggle with this one].
6. On 8 March, we'll open our parcels and put a post up on our blogs with a photo of our lovely purple, green & white fabrics.

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