Friday, October 16, 2009


Just a little hello. Where did the summer go? It sure was busy enough, back and forth to see my mom and enjoy time with family.
We just got back from a family vacation to Colorado!!! We are ready to move!!! Look what we saw in Estes Park Colorado right in the middle of town on the golf course! Do you think they care that they are blocking the fairway????

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The real reason I'm not posting so much...

I feel terrible that I haven't been posting like I used to, and I haven't been keeping tabs on all my bloggy friends. Just wanted to let you know, that my post will probably be sporatic in the next couple months...but I haven't forgotten you!!! See, my sweet mom was diagnosed with lung cancer recently, so I am planning to be travelling back and forth in the next few months.
I went up to see her over mother's day, cause she is just the best and wanted to celebrate her day!!! My brothers and myself and her grandchildren surprised her at a mother's day bbq. She was too thrilled to see us all together. We had a great time, laughing, playing whoofle baseball in the horse pasture. We were quite the site and out of shape . I don't know what was making more wheezing sounds the whoofle ball or me and my brothers!!!
Anyway, keep good thoughts for mom. We will find out next week how extensive the cancer is....and please, if you have a cough that won't go away. Get a chest xray!!! My mom has never smoked, ever....she went to three doctors in three years about her cough and they all said it was nothing...finally the last doctor asked for a chest xray! So if you know of someone...INSIST on a chest xray, even if they have never smoked!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Why is the time flying by?

I can't believe how long it has been since I said howdy. Life just seems to spin you up in its little web sometimes. I kept trying to reach my computer to say hello but my to do list screams, not so fast missy...get back here and finish your chores!!! So I have a couple moments...shhhh, don't wake up my To Do List or the Chore fairy will surely come grab me!

I've been working on repurposing a sweater. Pics soon! I found this great mans xxl cashmere wool polo and I shrunk the beejeeesus out of it til it was closer to my size. Then I started cutting off sleeves, the bottom of the sweater, the collar. I just went scissor happy. I figured at $3.00 for a cashmere sweater I would go a little crazy. Then I broke out my blanket stitch needle and went like a mad woman all around and around, appliqued a cute flower and voila!!! I promise more pics to come!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More gifts of Generosity!

Well bloggy friends,

I've been blessed again by a fairyblog mother! One of my bloggy friends from Australia sent me a gift! I just have to share it with you. Actually, I have had my gift for over a week+ but I didn't want to take it off. I finally took a pic of my lovely present then promptly placed it around my neck to keep me warm and toasty!!! Some of you know that I've had two neck fusion surgeries in my lovely past which leaves my lil ol neck susceptible to cold weather. I even check the weather by seeing how many scarves I have wrapped around my neck to keep it warm and toasty, ya know, is it a one scarf or two scarf day?
When I opened up my surprise birthday gift from my wonderful, creative bloggy friend Marian ,I couldn't believe my eyes! Matter of fact, I squealed with delight and promptly wrapped it around my neck!!!! The scarf is so lovely, wonderful jewel tones and textures that weave in and out, think of a strand of precious gems, the colors are that vibrant. (The pic just doesn't do it justice). It is sooooooo beautiful! Marian, you are an absolute doll. I know that everyone that reads this will agree!!! If you are reading this, you just have to read about Marian's story of her weaving journey on her blog. It is an inspiration to me. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to find a passion like Marian has found. It just shows you.... if you have a passion then go for it! Maybe you will be able to sell your creations to galleries like Marian does now!!!
Just think, I have an original Marian Edwards scarf!!!! I'm the luckiest blogger on the planet!!!!!! And hey, Marian, I can't wait to meet you this summer when you come to the USA!!!!!