Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pink Mucky Boots Day!

It's raining in southern california! Before our horse Ace came to live with us I use to love, love, love the rain and wind. Now I find myself watching the weather by the hour. Now it's..."is it too windy, rainy, cold or too hot???" Not for me mind you but for our four hooved friend Ace. See, Ace is a baby in horsey terms. He is 3 1/2 years old. So he needs to be exercised regularly or else he gets a bit silly and bored and thinks of all kinds of things to entertain himself like trying to use his 5 " diameter automatic water bowl for a restroom. How does he do that? If I had that kind of aim I could play for the Lakers!
Anyway, we wake up and have rain on saturday which means off to the barn to check on our boy to see that he is safe and dry. There is a silver lining in this rain cloud of ours. I get to wear my favorite thing, my Pink Mucky Boots! These boots are great. I get to tromp all over, through the mudd and muck, through the biggest puddle I can find and my toesies get to stay nice and warm. I'm starting to sound a little obsessed with these boots...but I can't help it. They make me feel like a kid again, splashing through the mudd, ok truth be told I don't just go through the mudd I will go 50 feet out of my way just to try these bad boys it me or does anybody out there have some article of clothing that they love to obsession? Maybe I should change my blog name to "Pink Mucky Boots". Too much?


  1. Love the boots, that would be a very original blog name.

  2. Your pink boots are way too I want to see a pic of you "on" Ace in the pink boots!! Krista