Wednesday, January 14, 2009



That's it...I pledge in 2009 and beyond, because I am soooo a work in progress, to finish all of my multitudes of W.W.I.T. projects. That is the loving name I give to all the projects that I look at year after year and say to my self "WHAT WAS I THINKING?????". Well no more, in front of you my dear bloggers of the world, I'm puttin' my foot down! It is time to start finishing some of them there little buggers! They range from undone quilts, half crocheted afgans, unsorted jewelry drawers to the lovely western show shirt that I promised my daughter to which I ask myself daily, sometimes hourly...WHAT WAS I THINKING? I'll even post my projects as I work on them....and there are many. Maybe that will keep me honest and keep working on them until they are done.

Here's my plea for HELPPPP! Read my blog when you can...I can use all the encouragement, helpful hints, suggestions and scoldings to getter done!!! I know, I know...I sound desperate...well I am, I'm not to proud to say it either.

Well, my WWITs are screaming at me...I'll let you know what the first project is soon and even post pics of where my project started.

PS- I can't help myself...I just have to include pics of our young pony too...he's just too darn cute!

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  1. Hey girlfriend Im going to make a post to drive your site ...Post some of your quilt things there are alot of quitlers that follow my blog...Love U ...lani