Friday, January 16, 2009


So here it is, my first challenge. This is my first attemp at a lanscape quilt, welll wall hanging really. The horse was suppose to be on a watercolor background...that was a major WWIT!!! I tried to sew that darn ol' watercolor squares for months but the little irony thingy that I pressed the tiny squares onto was like sewing in quicksand. My needle slowly sunk down in the stuff then refused to come back up for air. Since this was a gift for someone last year, I decided to switch to something faster...voila my brilliant idea of a landscape background. Of course, I have no idea how to do one and I am admittedly cheap...I went to the store and took a quick glance at a landscape book and here I sit...I have no idea what I am doing but finish I must!!

PS-the squiggly littly thingies at the top of the pictures are suppose to be appliqued on??? On what planet? I can barely see the darn things. Thank goodness I am getting new glasses next week! Shoot, they are only to see far you think the Hubbard Telescope is for rent?
PSS-Sorry, don't hurt your neck lookin at it. I couldn't figure out how to turn the pic!!

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