Monday, January 26, 2009

More "Bangs for the bucks"

So Sunday I was looking at my skin in my 100x mirror which I thought was a good thing to have when I bought it a while back...I've changed my mind! It's an evil little reflective surface that was designed by the beauty product companies, backed by Botox!!! The pours on my nose look like a putting green, I could just hear a voice yelling "FOUR". Then I checked out my forehead...BIG mistake. There were more lines than where the 405 meets the 170 freeway!!! That's it I say to myself...I am tired of looking at the freeway on my forehead. My two choices were either cave into the Beauty world and book myself a BOTOX rescue OR break out my handy dandy silver snippers!!! Of course being of cheap wallet and in the spirit of fix this now attitude I opted for the scissors....A little snip here and a little more there and more freeway forehead for me!!!! So today I went into work and everyone just looked at me...finally someone asked "did you cut your Hair?"..."yep" I replied, "I gave myself some bangs. I figured it was cheaper than BOTOX!" So if you see me you know that I finished another little project...jury is still out on whether I look great or if I just created another "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" moment!!!


  1. oh you must post a photo! a before and an after.... i was just saying to my 37year old self that i need to start wearing moisturiser of some sort!! i have so many wrinkles, the problem is i am still so young at heart.
    enjoy your bangs and the rest of your week.
    mmwwaah rosey

  2. Oh my are still young...I have 10 years on you but...don't you feel we have earned every line...I just don't like showing all of them off!!!