Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sliding in the rain.

So my hubby decides to walk the german shepard this morning at 7am and I say wait I will take Ricki my little corgi too. So we get all suited up, I figure it's a 1 scarf morning, so the pink one it is, throw on my sun hat, grab the pooches and off we go...go back to the house to put on my ohhh so stylish pink muck boots with the horseys on them, stuff my pants in them and now I'm ready. So we it is raining and people are looking at me like what is that crazy lady doing in a straw sun hat in the rain. We decide to walk in "dog valley" which is what my hubby calls it, its the local baranca(is that a word?). any way there is this hill that you walk down, which really looks like a mudd slide but hey I'm game, I've got my trusty muck boots on!! Well, the dogs are excited to be out and romp in the mudd, pulling me down the hill, neither one of us can stand up straight from slipping in the mudd, but it is too late to turn back, cause there is no way I can walk up the darn muddy thing. It was hysterical, I am laughing and trying not to fall on my a**. By time we get to the bottom of the hill, my boots are caked 3 inch in mudd. Hubby only wore tennys and they look a little mudd laden as well. I showed him though...while he was trying to scrape off the mudd from his shoes I walked right over to the biggest puddle I could find and splashed around with the dogs until my boots never looked so it!!! Gosh I love those boots!!! and now I'm off to the barn to help muck out ACE's stall...what's that you say? But of course I will wear my lovely pink muck boots!!! Have a wonderful saturday tromping around!!!


  1. living your motto! life is too short not to jump in puddles. %*_*%

  2. Ooooh, I love corgis, you're so lucky! Of course I also love about anything else with fur on it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wish I could find some boots like you describe at a yard sale someday!