Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remember the wall hanging that I started way back when?

Remember the wall hanging that I have started long ago, (look back to the beginning of my blog)? It was suppose to be a xmas present 2 years ago...then a birthday instead one year ago and then finally I put my pink mucky boot down and said gosh darn it, I'm gonna finish this thing. Well if you read my past blog you will know that this project started bad and I needed my friend granny rita to help me. So last night when I was quilting with my wednesday group the West Coast Wackies, granny rita suggested that I try freehand quilting with her machine. Well I have never done this, all I know how to do is stitch in the ditch, jump the burm and slide down the embankment! WHOOOOOweeee!!! Was it ever fun!!! I'm not done yet but I am sooooo hooked. I "quilted" in a mane for the horse and all of the areas of applique...still not sure what to do with the rest....but I didn't want to stop.....the ladies said that was the quietest I had ever been there! Which is true....I can be quiet if I wanna (pout pout pout). Funny, when I started quilting years ago, my hubby said " If I knew you were gonna be this quiet, I would have bought you fabric years ago!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! So here is my progress of the horsey...I'm gonna tell my momma that this wall hanging was made with lots of love an not much skill! Darn I should have finished this before she had her catarac she can see everything!


  1. i think your new blog name is great! i dont quite understand the horse quilt only cause i have never quilted anything, but i like what i see!! you are very very clever.
    %*_*% rosey

  2. Hey girl my favorite part the safty pins. I miss the things I would get from you!!!!