Saturday, March 7, 2009

Finally, I get to open my package!!!

Happy International Woman's Day!!!
Okay, so I'm a bit early. Really it is tomorrow on Sunday March 8th!!! But I couldn't wait any longer. So here is the quick back story for those who don't follow each thrilling moment of my bloggy world. I signed up to do a fat quarter swap to celebrate International Woman's Day!!! We had to send 4 fat quarters in white, purple and green. Well, let me tell you, was I ever lucky. I was partnered up with Marian of Australia. She makes the most beautiful scarves, very talented! We had fun emailing each other and found out we had some similar quirky backgrounds like, skydiving, collecting flour sifters and we both owned a beat up VW bug as our first car!!!! So after finding out where we lived we sent our parcels off. Check out her blog to find out what happened to the package I sent!!! Apparently the parcel fairies were not with my package! But, my package came in a lovely, clean and spotless padded envelope that must have just floated through the mail.
So, I patiently waited and waited and waited to open it....luckily Marian came up with the great idea that since she would arrive on March 8th before me, I could open mine too. Except it would be Saturday March 7th for me....I know I fair, but hey what can I say??? I was too excited to wait! Open it I must!! and I did....

Hey Marian, could you hear me squealing with delight all the way down under??? Look at all the lovely goodies she sent me. I love my little koala bear. He is officially my new sewing buddy! The Green and Purple fat quarters are perfect!! and Marian is a tricky one....she even played hide n seek with the buttons (which I just adore) They were tucked inside each little origami packet of fabric. The rickrack ribbon tied everything up in a sweet little bow complete with a post card from Australia which I promptly put on my inspiration board over my sewing table. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me goodies. Marian, you are a sweetheart. We have to keep in touch....I want to see how your trip to USA goes!!! Everyone else....seriously check out her blog. It is full of visual delights!!! And the music she uses to weave to is FAB!!!!!!


  1. What a gorgeous're such a treasure Debbe!!!...and i love all the goodies you sent my way!!..we were matched perfectly and i agree we're as wacky as each other & i love that hahahaha!!!!!!..i'm gonna have to look you up when i'm in the States...i sssooo want to meet you!!!!!!!!!! xx

  2. looks like you had a wonderful little gift!!!!!!

    Quiltingly Yours