Friday, March 6, 2009

Hurray I finished another project!

So here it is, my cute little horsey wall hanging. This is my first attempt at a freehand quilting and landscape quilt. I also didn't buy any new fabric for this quilt. I've been trying hard to reduce reuse recycle this year as my part of being thrifty. There are also some fabrics that came from my grandma's sewing box. Sentimental me!!! This was a lot of fun. I had a hard time with the quilting because my 30 year old trusty Kenmore sewing machine had to learn some new tricks! but we struggled through and had a lot of fun. There is allot of detail in the horses face that isn't showing in the picture. Darn it! I just couldn't get the camera to cooperate with me. And yes that is my goofy self holding up the quilt. Now the quilt is on its way to my momma for her birthday. Good thing she doesn't blog or else I would have just spilled the beans! OOPS!!!


  1. Looks great, your quilting is great and the picture looks quite 3D, your Mum will love it.

  2. It looks so good ...hey join my eggstra giveaway...go look ...I will see you next Wednesday but my schedule at work has changed ...oh and I will be out of town next bunco jesse critter....I will call you, U

  3. WOW..that is AMAZING, Debbe...your work is FABULOUS!! xx