Thursday, April 9, 2009

More gifts of Generosity!

Well bloggy friends,

I've been blessed again by a fairyblog mother! One of my bloggy friends from Australia sent me a gift! I just have to share it with you. Actually, I have had my gift for over a week+ but I didn't want to take it off. I finally took a pic of my lovely present then promptly placed it around my neck to keep me warm and toasty!!! Some of you know that I've had two neck fusion surgeries in my lovely past which leaves my lil ol neck susceptible to cold weather. I even check the weather by seeing how many scarves I have wrapped around my neck to keep it warm and toasty, ya know, is it a one scarf or two scarf day?
When I opened up my surprise birthday gift from my wonderful, creative bloggy friend Marian ,I couldn't believe my eyes! Matter of fact, I squealed with delight and promptly wrapped it around my neck!!!! The scarf is so lovely, wonderful jewel tones and textures that weave in and out, think of a strand of precious gems, the colors are that vibrant. (The pic just doesn't do it justice). It is sooooooo beautiful! Marian, you are an absolute doll. I know that everyone that reads this will agree!!! If you are reading this, you just have to read about Marian's story of her weaving journey on her blog. It is an inspiration to me. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to find a passion like Marian has found. It just shows you.... if you have a passion then go for it! Maybe you will be able to sell your creations to galleries like Marian does now!!!
Just think, I have an original Marian Edwards scarf!!!! I'm the luckiest blogger on the planet!!!!!! And hey, Marian, I can't wait to meet you this summer when you come to the USA!!!!!


  1. oh Debbe, what a lovely thing to say & i'm ssoo glad you love your new scarf..can't wait to meet you :) 16 sleeps till our departure date [yes i'm getting butterflies] we've got a new laptop so i'll stay in touch. Happy Easter to you and your family :) love, Marian xx

  2. Gorgeous. Just the thing to match those "pink" boots. lol

  3. Oh and PS. thanks for the link to Marions blog too.

  4. debbe!! so sorry i havent visited in such a long while but something must be wrong with my follow button.. i just assumed you hadnt been typing but you are!!! and have!!! sorry not sure what the hiccup is but i am back on board baby:)
    great colours and so toasty looking. i am off to check out her blog.
    %*_*% rosey
    but first i will catch up on yours!