Friday, May 8, 2009

Why is the time flying by?

I can't believe how long it has been since I said howdy. Life just seems to spin you up in its little web sometimes. I kept trying to reach my computer to say hello but my to do list screams, not so fast missy...get back here and finish your chores!!! So I have a couple moments...shhhh, don't wake up my To Do List or the Chore fairy will surely come grab me!

I've been working on repurposing a sweater. Pics soon! I found this great mans xxl cashmere wool polo and I shrunk the beejeeesus out of it til it was closer to my size. Then I started cutting off sleeves, the bottom of the sweater, the collar. I just went scissor happy. I figured at $3.00 for a cashmere sweater I would go a little crazy. Then I broke out my blanket stitch needle and went like a mad woman all around and around, appliqued a cute flower and voila!!! I promise more pics to come!!!

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