Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Craft where I can.

So, I was out at the ranch today watchin my little darlin girl ride her horse and I actually finished a little project while she was puting the lil ol 4 hooved friend away. I started some really, really, cheezy rainbow slippers not long while Ace was getting his bath...I sat near by and crocheted my little fingers off...Voila!! Zey are fini!!! I can't show pics cause at the moment they are keeping my footsy's/feetsies warm and toasty....they ain't purdy...but check off one unfinished job from my list of a gazillion left!!!! Baby steps, right?

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  1. *bows down to you* well done i needed professional help to get my wall hanging done! thanks for asking about my birds, i am in the process of setting up my etsy shop (the professional is helping me) it is finding the time to post the photos etc... i can also do requests of colours or prints if you know what i mean. i will post more of my birds when i get the chance, most have flown away though. i have birds in canada, sweden, london and usa as well as here in my country oz. thanks debbe %*_*% rosey