Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow, Let's start an epidemic of kindness!!!

I have to say no matter what your political affiliation, tomorrow is history day, a proud day for Americans. I was watching some of the celebration tonight. It was so wonderful to see the diverse crowd that gathered to welcome in our new president. What a tough road ahead we have...but I have faith that we can come together and raise ourselves up to be a more loving and caring nation. It will happen everyday in the small ways that we treat our neighbors and strangers we meet...even if it is just a smile to a stranger or picking up a piece of trash from the streets. I know let's start an epidemic of random acts of kindness. I'm going to challenge anyone that reads my blog to do a random act of kindness. Let me know how it's going and encourage everyone that you blog to keep the epidemic of kindness going....this is one disease that we don't want a cure for!!!!!

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  1. hello to my newest follower! it is good to see that other people start projects and then wonder WHY??? i have enjoyed finishing my christmas wall hanging that began in maybe october of last year. %*_*% rosey